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At Kings Action Group, we combine the oldest traditional Chinese brewing skills and formulas with the most advanced equipments in the United States to produce the best quality rice winery products. Our products are made with New York's finest pure water, rice grown and milled in the northeast area of Sacramento, California. Currently, our product lines include Shuang Cheng Rice Wine, Sancheng Chiew Rice Wine, Shao Xing Cooking Wine, Taiwan Rice Cooking Wine and Sweet Rice Pudding.

Our company is the only Chinese owned spirits and wine manufacturer with all products approved by the FDA and ATF.
Our customers' interests always come first. We welcome any feedback on our products and services. Please contact us at: 718-832-2463

Rice Wine Products
Shuang Cheng

Our well-aged double-distilled process makes the taste everlasting in your mouth.
Characteristics: low in alcohol content and smooth in taste
Ingredients: California Rice, Yeast and Water
Alcohol: 29% / Vol

Sancheng Chiew

Sancheng Chiew is triple-distilled based on our well-aged double-distilled process.
Characteristics: Commonly used for making ginseng and plum wines
Ingredients: California Rice, Yeast and Water
Alcohol: 39% / Vol
Rice Cooking Wine Products
Shao Xing Cooking Wine

Our high-grade Shao Xing Cooking Wine is brewed with Chinese traditional rice wine. We choose rice milled in California and distilled with our special formula.
Characteristics: Best use to contain freshness and original flavor of vegetables, meats and seafood
Ingredients: Rice Wine and Salt
Alcohol: 15%, Salt Content: 1.5%
Net weight:

Taiwan Rice Cooking Wine

We choose our rice grown and milled in the Northeast area of Sacramento. Fermented with New York's finest water and its flavor is clean, fresh and sweet.
Characteristics: Gentle smell of rice; Adds freshness and sweetness to your foods
Ingredients: California Rice, Yeast and Salt
Alcohol: 15%, Salt Content: 1.5%
Net weight: 1 GAL
Sauce Products
Fermented Sweet Rice Sauce (Rice Pudding Style)

Our high quality sweet rice pudding is made with first grade California sweet rice, purified New York water, sugar and yeast. Contains between 3.5-4% alcohol.
Characteristics: Healthy soft rice with a taste of natural sweetness
Ingredients: Sweet Rice, Water, Sugar and Yeast
Net weight: 16FL. OZ.
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